Picking Up the Pieces

There’s no doubt about it: DIVORCE SUCKS! The circumstances leading up to the dissolution of marriage vary from couple to couple, but as I’ve stressed before, not every divorce calls for sympathy. Some are cause for celebration. Either way, though, folks are left to pick up the pieces. The Ashes Even though it was surely … More Picking Up the Pieces


During the time my divorce was in process, four of my very close friends were also either going through the same thing or had recently finalized theirs. We all had been married a minimum of 19 years, we all had teenaged boys who had seen their moms destroyed by their fathers, and we were all … More People

Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding is never good. It’s the result of trauma, fracture, pregnancy, or any number of things. Internal bleeding is indeed a physical condition. It can also, however, be experienced in love. I’ve reached an age where more of my friends than not have been divorced or have suffered some major blow to their relationships. … More Internal Bleeding