If He Wants You

The cold, hard truth is, if a man wants you, he will let you know. He won’t have you put your life on hold while he fiddles around with your heart and other women. 

You won’t have to guess.

You won’t have to wonder.

You won’t have to piece together information that may or may not help you determine if he wants you. 

He won’t be indecisive. He’ll know and he’ll let you know in no uncertain terms. 

He won’t leave, you, a good woman uncovered and exposed for the next man to snatch up and believe me when I tell, another man will come along and wonder how he is so blessed to find the treasure the other man overlooked. He won’t leave all that goodness on the table. 

I had the deepest conversation with a very close friend this past weekend about matters of the heart and how easy it can be to find yourself trapped in someone else’s world of indecision. I watched two friends wait for men to decide if they wanted to be with them.

For one, the heartbreak was excruciating to watch because he walked away with another woman. All the trips he promised my friend, the other woman enjoyed. All the events he promised to take her to, the other woman attended. All the future plans they’d made is being tended to by the other woman.

The other one finally woke up, walked away, and is now with a man who appreciates her and loves her madly. Kudos to her! 

My heart breaks for the friend who was left behind, but lessons of that nature are worth learning. She now knows her worth and will never allow him or any other man to hold up her life again. We have a limited number of hours on this planet. Who wants to spend them hoping that someone will choose them?

You’re worth your weight in gold. You deserve all the goodness you delve out. If he really wants you, he’ll let you know. 


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